Raida Adon | Rebirth
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Light surrounds you when you are born and when you die….

In almost all cultures death has much meaning. Each culture relates to death differently.
Although the subject of death occupies many of us are too afraid to deal with it.
Fear of the unknown, fear of loneliness, fear of dying alone.

In Islam death surrounds us each minute and second.
Each one of us needs to be prepared for his death.
The release of the soul from the body; life in the shadow of loneliness;
maturation and aging; each person’s preparation for the last journey.

We are very attached to our bodies.
When we die we uselessly try to return to them or at least circle around them.

Only when it is clear that we have no shadow or reflection in the mirror or footprints
then we stand in front of the fact that we have separated from our body.
We cling to life even when he knows and feels that he is in his last days.

Where does the soul go and disappear? Should the dead body be burned?
Or throw it in the river as in the Hindi tradition where the soul transmigrates and enters another body.
Or as in the Islamic tradition where the soul stays for 40 days turning around the body
and sees everything happening in the house and only then disappears into the grave
and waits for the Day of Judgement. Where do we go?
This is a universal question that until today has no answer.

My relationship to my body that passes through many changes from childhood to old age;
a body that lived, breathed, and felt passion throughout life.
A body that all our lives we nourish and care for can betray us.

Sometimes there is no control of the body, it stops breathing the moment the soul is released.
In that moment we can lose the body.
Is there an agreement between the body and soul when they will release each other?
Or does the soul betray the body in its passing?
What would happen if I could control my body and soul?
What would happen if I could see and arrange for my own death?