Raida Adon | House
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Video, 2002
5.5 mins
I was born in Acre a Mediterranean sea-side city.
Somewhere in my childhood I also dreamt of a palatial house and a prince on a white horse…
In ancient cities like Acre and Jerusalem, dreams like this don’t last long.
There is no palatial house. Tired women buy and sell in the market.
Too many soldiers are in the streets. The masculine view rules…
I wanted to flee, as far as possible, to return to the dream, to remain a child.
I built a castle. I wore white. I returned to the market carrying the palace on my head.
Local women passed me, also carrying burdens on their heads – baskets and merchandise.
…men pass me by …soldiers pass me by
…I sought a safe place to locate my house …I sought to protect my dream … went out to the sea