Raida Adon Biography

Born in Acre, Israel 1972




1999-2002       Art Department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

2001-2002       Voice training, School of Visual Arts, Jerusalem

2003                Academy of Dance and Music, Jerusalem – Movement Studies


Curriculum Vitae:




1996          "Two Sided Mirror" Artists House, Tel Aviv

1998          "Hamsa" Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel Aviv

2000          "Contemporary Jewish-Arabic-Israeli Art", The Villa, Center for Contemporary Art, 

                 Tel Aviv

2002          "Pasatine", Hagar Gallery, Jaffa. Solo exhibition

2003          "Arctic", Ramat Gan Museum

2003          "In the House", Art Gallery, Umm el Fahm

2003          "House" Video work, part of "The Border Line" project of the Salamanka Group David's Tower Museum, Jerusalem

2004          "Everything Could Be Seen", Curator: Ariela Azoulay, Art Gallery Umm el Fahm

2005          "Beyond the Walls", Yanko-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod

2006          "Mini Israel", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2008          "pasatine" gallery figge von rosen ,koln germany

2008          "pasatine ", Boston Palestine film festival

2009          "Rebirth" Artneuland Gallery, Berlin

2009          "Something in the White", House of Culture and Art, Nazareth

2009          "Rebirth" Conversion, Petach Tikva Museum

2010          "Rebirth" Artists House Jerusalem.

2010          "Beyond the Walls" Art Gallery, Tova Osman

2010          "House","The right to protest" ,Museum on the seam 

2010          "Pasatine" Kerner park  Art Gallery, Berlin


Acting/Television, Theater, Film


1990                    Performed in The Arab Children's Theater "Z'Beni": "Snow White", "Cinderella", 

                 "The Red Shoe", etc.

1992-2001  Performed in television series: "Neighbors", "Army Training", "Zinzana", "Tranquility", "The Block", "Magen David Adom 101"

1994          Performed in a play "The Diwan", The Acre Alternative Theater

1995          "Jericho at Year Nought" The Palestine Al-Chakawati Theater, Jerusalem

2000          Performed in "The Something" The Palestine Al-Chakawati Teater, Jerusalem

                  The Alternative Theater Festival, Egypt

2001          performance: "Pasatine", Acre Alternative Theater Festival. Singled out as an outstanding creator and actress.

2003          "The Eyes that See", Al-Chakawati Theater, Jerusalem


2005          Performed in "Plonter" Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv.

                 Nominated 'Most promising actress prize' for Israel Theatre.


2006          Performed in "Witches" Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv.

      2007          Performed in "Hebron" Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv.

                 Received prize for developing and nurturing acting talent.


2008          Performed in "Timrot Ashan" series.

                 Performed in "Hashiva Lachaim" series.



1994-2008: Appeared in the following films:

                        "The Three Lost Diamonds" Palestinian film

                        "The Olive Season" Palestinian film, first prize in the Egyptian Film Festival in 2003

                        "Yellow Asphalt", first prize in Haifa Film Festival in 2000, and first prize in Germany

                        "The Trumpet in the Wadi", first prize in Haifa Film Festival in 2001

                        "The Ninth Month" Palestinian film, Jerusalem Film Festival 2002

                        "Islands on the Beach", Jerusalem Film Festival 2003

                  Documentary film "Yasmin" First Prize, Jerusalem Film Festival

                  "Whispering embers" Palestinian film, Haifa Film Festival.

2010           Performed in "Back to Haifa", Cameri Theater ,Tel Aviv.





2001          Rabinovitz Foundation

2002          Sharett Foundation; 

The American-Israel Foundation for Culture

      2008          Minister's Prize for Art



Teaches creative drama at the "Yad Be'Yad" (Hand in Hand) Bilingual School, Jerusalem


Taught art at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Raida Adon